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Know your birthstone:


Birthstone Jewellery
January Birthstone- Garnet.
February Birthstone - Amethyst.
March Birthstone - Aquamarine. Bloodstone.
April Birthstone- Diamond.
May Birthstone - Emerald.
June Birthstone Pearl. Alexandrite. Moonstone.
Jully Birthstone - Ruby.
August Birthstone - Peridot. Sardonyx. Spinel.
September Birthstone - sapphire.
October Birthstone- Opal, tourmaline
November Birthstone-: Topaz, citrine
December Birthstone: - Topaz. Zircon, Turquoise



There is no better way than a birthstone, to celebrate and mark the day of our birth. Birthstones are not commonly heard of and their meaning is usually unclear to many. Found in a variety of shapes, cuts and colours, a birthstone possesses certain qualities, which makes it beneficial to be worn by some. Over the course of time, many conventions have developed about the use of these stones but now, it is believed that a certain stone should be worn by people who have taken birth during a particular month. People with different faiths, choose to wear such birthstones to receive good vibes and positive results. Let us take a look at the stone that can be worn by people born in different months.


January Birthstone: People born in this month should wear a garnet which symbolises devotion, friendship, passion and balance in everything that the person does. It has a reddish – brown hue but can also be found in shades like red and purple.

February Birthstone: The stone meant for people born in this month is an amethyst. Its colour is usually lavender to purple and symbolises security. 

March Birthstone: People born in this month should wear an aquamarine which is symbolic of loyalty, beauty and honesty. It has an aqua blue tone. 

April Birthstone: People born in this month are advised to wear a diamond which expresses’ purity and strength. A diamond could be based around many shades but is commonly worn in a transparent hue. 

May Birthstone: The stone meant for people born in this month is an emerald. It symbolises wisdom, success, love and bliss in life. It is usually seen in green tones. 

June Birthstone: Common for people born in this month is the pearl, which is symbolic of happiness and love and gives off a fine lustre. 

July Birthstone: People born in July usually wear a ruby which is symbolic of passion, love and luck. It is usually seen in deep pink and red tones.

August Birthstone : People born in this month usually wear the stone peridot. It occurs in an olive green colour and is also known as the evening emerald. It is known to protect the wearer from evils around him. 

September Birthstone: the stone meant for people born in this month is a sapphire. It symbolises peace, serenity, purity, wisdom and loyalty. It is commonly found in a blue hue.

October Birthstone: people born in this month usually wear an opal which is symbolic of wisdom and innocence. It could be black or white in colour.

November Birthstone: People born in this month usually wear a topaz stone which is orange in colour. It symbolises faithfulness and friendship.

December Birthstone: Meant for the people born in this month is the stone blue topaz. It symbolises strength, wealth and protection and as the name suggests, it is blue in colour.


Wearing a birthstone can bring significant changes in your life and make you a wiser person, as per your personality. Shop for the perfect birthstone at Make Vana and start wearing your birthstone today!