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  1. Stacked Threaded Fashion Bracelet
  2. OM Bracelet
  3. Bangle with Embellished Jewels
  4. Fashion Statement Clasp Bracelet
  5. Gold Statement Hand Jewellery
  6. Embellished Bracelet with Pearls
  7. Love Print Leather Bracelet For Couple
  8. Unisex Brown Leather and Stainless Steel Beaded Bracelet
  9. Crystal Mesh Bracelets
  10. Motivation Message Cuff Bracelet
  11. Cubic Zicronia Dual Heart Infinity Bracelet
  12. Unisex Handmade Love Horse Charm Leather Bracelet
  14. Lock and Key Bracelet Set for Couples
  15. Beaded Bracelet For Girls and Boys
  16. Minimalist Bracelet With Feature Pearls
  17. Pretty Love Link Chain Bracelet
  18. Diamond Screw Cuff Bangles For Women
  19. Beaded Elastic Bracelet
  20. Intricate Link Bracelet
  21. Threaded Bangle With Tassels
  22. Stacked Threaded Bangle With Gold
  23. Lock and Key His & Hers Bracelets for Couple
  24. Detailed Chunky Diamante Bracelet with Red and Green Beads
  25. Clear Gemstone Beaded Bracelets
  26. Ethnic Silver Beaded Wrap Bracelets
  27. Unisex Multi Color Bracelet
  28. Unisex Silver Steel Bracelet
  29. Womans Unique Gold Bracelet
  30. Ethnic Bodhi Buddha Bead Bracelet
  31. Natural Stone Beads Bracelets
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Beautiful luxe bracelets handcrafted for you!

In today's society, first impressions are everything. When you are in a job interview you might want to be seen as successful and elegant. When you are out on a date you may want to seem flirty and mysterious. For the every day, you want to exude a confidence and happiness that makes people around you feel at ease. Often we cast impression just based on our looks and fashion sense. Make Vana’s luxe bracelets are the perfect tool to help let your inner personality truly shine.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, Make Vana’s extensive range of luxe bracelets come in all shapes and styles. Our elegant and simple bangle bracelet is perfect for everyday workwear as well as evening wear. The authentic collection of silver charm bracelets and chain bracelets are sure to flatter any wrist and serve as a versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn over and over again.

Bracelets for women

Make Vana stocks a range of beautiful bracelet charms, handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail. Our bracelet charms are the perfect accessory for any outfit; casual or formal. Whether it be a simple black bracelet or a bespoke love bracelet, Make Vana has the perfect piece for you. 

Check out our authentic leather bracelets for women available from stockists throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Charm bracelets

Make Vana’s charm bracelet range exudes allure and elegance. Our pearl bracelet is the perfect expression of old Hollywood glamour. For a bohemian look, our copper bracelet is the perfect way to bring out your inner hippie goddess. Included in the exclusive Make Vana collection are elegant rose gold bangles and unique white gold bracelets. These authentic pieces have a timeless charm and can be shipped to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. 

Leather bracelets

Make Vana’s rubber bracelets and engraved bracelets are crafted on a base of leather, and intricately designed to create a unique piece of jewellery befitting any occasion. These versatile bracelets can be worn with casual outfits as well as more formal forms of attire. Make Vana even offers custom bracelets made from the leather base material — you can even get your name written engraved on the base. 

Gold and silver bangles

A gold charm bracelet is a perfect way to look your best for any occasion. With Make Vana's stunning selection of gold and silver bangles, you are spoilt for choice. The dazzling shine of our sterling silver bangles are sure to catch your eye and the subtle elegance of our white gold bracelets is sure to add class to any outfit. If you are more inclined toward gold jewellery Make Vana stock a gorgeous selection of gold bangles. The authentic gold bangles design varies from intricate ethnic pieces to simple and sophisticated gold bands. In this range, Make Vana also stocks diamond bangles and solid silver bangles. 

Friendship bracelets

The bonds of true friendship can be a hard thing to show the outside world. To show your friend how much they mean to you, get them something unique and personal. Make Vana's range of friendship bracelets are the perfect way to show your friend how much you care. To celebrate your friendship why not gift one of your nearest and dearest one of our names bracelets or magnetic bracelets? Rejoice in the timelessness of your friendship with a bangle bracelet or a gold cuff bracelet, reminding you both of your journeys together.

Tennis bracelet

Do you love playing tennis? If so, our diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect gift for you. When playing sports it is hard to be fashionable. Luckily Make Vana has a range of bracelets for your favourite sport. 

Gold and silver bracelets

Make Vana's beaded bracelets and gemstone bracelets are designed on a base of gold and silver metal and are adorned with lustrous gems. Each bracelet is unique and the perfect charming trinket to grace any wrist. The versatility of these bracelets also means you can pair them with any outfit.