Indian Jewellery

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The world of Indian Jewellery

Indian jewellery is the latest rage in the fashion industry, trending the charts to become the most sought after and desired jewellery style for women and girls. With its accentuating appeal and ethnic design, there is no denying that Indian jewellery designs carry a distinctive flair and charm that typically makes Indian handmade jewellery a strong and desired piece of collection for most women. Indian fashion jewellery is peculiarly characterised by designs and make that originates from the rituals and ethics of the diversified lands of this country. By purchasing Indian jewellery online, you will surely be able to understand how it grabs the attention of the onlooker with an ease that is hard to get with simple and conventional jewellery. The mainstream fact about Indian jewellery & long and short necklaces is that they truly depict the essence of the peculiarities that define the features of Indian jewellery. Indian jewellery stands out from all other jewellery designs and makes that exist in the world. Perhaps the uniquely outstanding features of Indian jewellery makes it hugely desirable among women of all age groups.

Indian silver jewellery

Silver holds a deep and symbolic reverence in Indian culture, which is why it is adorned by women all over the Indian subcontinent. Women of all castes, creeds and religion, make use of silver ornaments along with their attire to enrich their ensemble. Silver jewellery holds a very symbolic and religious meaning for the people in India and based on these beliefs exactly, the people have shaped and crafted silver jewellery to truly reflect their beliefs and values. This unique craftsmanship lends an authentic touch to Indian silver jewellery, making it highly wanted across women of all age groups. The most common form of silver jewellery which is made use of in Indian jewellery is an anklet, which is worn around the ankles. Toe rings and nose pins are also highly common as a form of Indian silver jewellery.

Indian gold jewellery

Another raging trend in India for jewellery is the authentic Indian gold jewellery. In fact, gold jewellery is most demanded only in the Indian subcontinent. The most common form of gold jewellery which is consumed in India is gold long necklaces and earrings, making it highly demanded by all age groups in India.Earrings and necklace designs are specially curated by jewellery designers, which are thoroughly raved by people. If you buy Indian gold jewellery online, you will find an extensive variety of designs and models to choose from. For a truly authentic Indian look, one can adorn gold jewellery with their attire, to boast a complete Indian look. Gold jewellery is also revered as an authentic item of offering for the lords and gods in India, which adds to the premium status of gold jewellery.

Indian bridal jewellery

Any Indian bride is seemingly incomplete without the perfect Indian jewellery. Whether she opts to wear gold jewellery or diamond jewellery or even artificial studded jewellery, she looks her charming best in her ensemble, only after she pairs it with a few pieces of Indian jewellery. Markets in India are flooded with typical bridal jewellery, specially curated for brides who want to look their best in authentic Indian jewellery. If one looks closely, they would observe that typical Indian bridal jewellery is crafted with intricate designs and closely studded stonework, which depicts the exemplary craftsmanship of Indian artisans and jewellery designers. Indian bridal jewellery also consists of various other components than simple necklaces and earrings. It goes on to include maang tikkas, anklets, bangles and much more. Indian bridal jewellery is a true depiction of the best designs and imagination of designers, who carve the outlines of Indian tradition in their jewellery designs.

Indian anklets


Anklets are another form of Indian jewellery that are worn by women and girls of all age groups. If you roam the street markets of India, you will find man interesting and alluring designs of anklets that you can buy at cheap prizes. For a more prime experience, you can also go for Indian gold anklets or Indian silver anklets that can be bought at a jeweller’s shop. You can also buy Indian anklets online at various platforms for a variety of designs, shapes and make of Indian payal anklets. In India, one can find anklets from a simple string to an elaborate and chunky design of metal and studded stones, hanging pearls or beads.


South Indian jewellery

Another segment of Indian jewellery that never ceases to amaze women and girls all over the world, is authentic South Indian jewellery. The distinguishing feature of authentic south Indian jewellery is that it truly depicts the values and beliefs of the native South Indian culture. In more than one ways, the traditions and culture of South India are varyingly different from those of the rest of India. Thus, even the pattern of jewellery used in South India is quite different. People in South India are accustomed to wearing heavy gold jewellery at all times. Even children in South India wear gold jewellery. The designs of jewellery in south India often depict the regional craftsmanship of the local artisans in the area.

Indian earrings

One of the most sought after jewellery forms in India are Indian Jhumka earrings. Women have a typical craze for adorning stylish earrings even in daily wear jewellery. One visit to a jeweller’s shop in India can tell you that what customers ask for the most are Indian earrings jewellery. One of the most experimented jewellery style is also the earrings. Indian jewellery designers bring a lot of experiments and designs in their earrings. One can find anything from gold, silver, stone or even kundan jewellery earrings in the markets these days. How chunky you want them to be, is your choice completely, as you can find something for yourself everywhere you go. If you happen to roam the street markets in India, you will find that their collection of artificial metal earrings is even vast. Over there, girls and women are completely in for new trends in earrings, as they love to adorn them with their outfits for every occasion. In India, you can find a matching earring for every occasion, whether you are wearing a casual outfit or you are dressing up in an ethnic outfit, you can always amp up your look with a pair of earrings.

Indian costume jewellery

Another craze in India when it comes to jewellery is costume jewellery. Known more commonly as imitation jewellery, Indian markets are flooded with the same. Indian designers have left no stone unturned to revamp the scene of jewellery in India, the result of which is costume jewellery, which can be easily bought off the streets of Indian markets. The distinguishing feature of Indian costume jewellery are the huge stones, fabrics and metals that make up the design of the jewellery.

Indian nose rings

Most people outside India crave to know the Indian nose rings meaning as nose piercings are not common outside India. However, the craze of nose pins has also made Indian nose rings in Australia quite common. While one can always buy Indian nose rings online, if one was to browse the whole collection of nose rings in Indian markets, they would surely be taken by surprise. In India, nose piercing are quite common. In fact, parents get their child’s nose pierced form a young age itself. In fact, in many houses and religions, nose piercing is considered a sacred practice, capable of bringing medicinal benefits to a person. Therefore, unique nose jewellery in India can be found easily. Even brides in India customarily wear a nose ring with their bridal attire to complete their look. Bridal nose rings are generally bigger in size and are made with gold metal and studded stones. Besides this, a common nose pin could be made of silver or gold metal and decorated with artificial or real stones like diamonds or other artificial coloured stones.

Indian tribal jewellery

India is perhaps the only place where tribal jewellery is given such relevance. As such, one could get surprised by the idea of tribal jewellery, wondering what it could be made of or what designs it could feature. However, one look at an Indian tribal silver jewellery or an Indian tribal necklace can reveal that Indian jewellery designers and Indian ethnic jewellery are committed to making tribal jewellery a complete hit among women and girls. If one is literally interested in tribal jewellery, they should check out the Indian tribal jewellery of Rajasthan and Indian ethnic jewellery for a genuine taste of tribal jewellery in India. A genuine piece of tribal jewellery depicts heavy and chunky metal work and elaborate designs that are typical to tribal jewellery alone. Most commonly, tribal jewellery is composed on metal base, which is not gold and features ample stones and heavy metal work. You can also buy India tribal jewellery online for a truly splendid experience of Indian jewellery.


Indian jewellery is a vast ocean of variety and choice. Besides these types of Indian jewellery, one can also browse for even more elaborate jewellery types. These styles of Indian jewellery can be bought online at Make Vana, the original and trusted source of handcrafted goodness and designs. Shop at Make Vana today for a true taste of Indian jewellery.