Privacy Policy

  • How we protect your online identity?

We respect your privacy when you visit any website page of MakeVana. This privacy policy guides you through the kind of information we might use and that, which we keep private. During browsing sessions, our systems might record the date and time of your visit for useful purposes. Any information of sensitive nature, shall not be recorded by any of our systems, unless authorised by you.

The information collected by our systems might be used to contact you periodically regarding any changes in the website or terms of change of operations etc. We may also send certain information in the nature of advertisement and product information through your mail. Any information, whatsoever, shall not be provided to a third party, under any condition, without your consent.

  • Cookies

Cookies allow our website to interact with your browser. This is done to improve the provision of services. These are stored on the hard disk of your computer and are used to monitor your activity that can prove viable for us. Upon returning to our website, these cookies are retrieved and used to give you a personalised experience. However, under no case, a cookie does not collect any personal identification information from you at any point, nor does it transmit the same in any manner.


  • IP Address

Our servers might collect your IP address to help your diagnose issues with your web browser or to administer our website in a better manner. Such information will, in no way, be used to track the location of any individual user.


  • How efficient is storage of information?

We make every attempt to clear out the possibility of any threat and attack from viruses, third parties and intruders. However, there is pervasive risk of faults and unauthorised access to your information. Although, all reasonable steps are taken to avoid leaking of any information, we inform you that there is always a possibility of loss of information to a third party.


This privacy policy is correct at the time of posting the same on the website of MakeVana, Any changes to the same shall be brought to the notice of the person browsing the website of MakeVana upon reading the same. It is expected that users have read the privacy statement of the firm before choosing to browse through its web pages. Any deficiency on this part, shall not be the fault of MakeVana. Further, inobservance on part of the consumer shall not be the responsibility of the MakeVana.