TIki Bar Metal Poster


Size: 20x30 cm / 8x12″

20x30 cm / 8x12″
30x45 cm / 12x18″
20x60 cm / 8x24″
40x60 cm / 16x24″
30x90 cm / 12x36″
50x75 cm / 20x30″
60x90 cm / 24x36″
70x100 cm / 28x40″
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TIki Bar Metal Poster

Experience the epitome of visual excellence with our meticulously crafted aluminum prints. Designed to captivate, our prints boast a flawless aesthetic and unparalleled durability.

Constructed with two pristine white aluminum layers encapsulating a resilient black polyethylene compound core, our lightweight aluminum panels ensure optimal strength, making them an ideal choice for larger art pieces. The white coating on the panels infuses the artwork with a delicate, silky gloss, accentuating the beauty of white and bright areas in a breathtaking manner.

The colors on our prints exhibit extraordinary saturation, even in expansive monochromatic sections, ensuring that your artwork bursts to life on the surface. With a matte finish that is free from glare, our prints exude a timeless elegance, enhancing the artistry in a subtle and understated manner.

Measuring at approximately 3mm / 0.12" in thickness, our aluminum prints provide a sturdy and rigid foundation, allowing your artwork to be displayed with confidence. Through our advanced direct printing technology, the image is precisely printed onto the surface of the aluminum panel, resulting in a vivid and accurate reproduction. Rest assured, the tonal gradation will be impeccably rendered. Includes a hanging kit with each aluminum metal print.

Sizes : Small, Medium, large, Extra Large

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20x30 cm / 8x12″, 30x45 cm / 12x18″, 20x60 cm / 8x24″, 40x60 cm / 16x24″, 30x90 cm / 12x36″, 50x75 cm / 20x30″, 60x90 cm / 24x36″, 70x100 cm / 28x40″