Promise rings

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What is a promise ring?

A ring, unlike any other, a promise ring is meant to express true bond and love between two people. It is believed that the idea of a promise ring originated many years ago but is still believed as a cherished ritual across religions and nations. A promise ring is a perfect gift that you can give to your partner, while you propose them, and express your commitment towards them. You need not be a single couple in love to exchange two rings between each other but could be married to one another and still express your love for your significant other with a promise ring.

Nowadays, the idea of a promise ring has escalated as a style of proposing among youngsters, even as celebrities continue to make the idea a trend. Let us take a look at the type of promise rings that you can get for your significant other.

Promise ring for girlfriend


Want to express your love for the perfect girl in your life? A promise ring lets you do just that! Let your girl know how deeply you are committed to her and show your passion towards your relationship by sealing it with the bond of love. A promise ring is a perfect gift that you could present to your lady and tell her that you wish to spend the rest of your life with her. Present one of the many promise rings from our collection to her and make her joyful with your love.


Promise ring for the couple


Grab your hands over a selection of uniquely designed promise rings for couples, matched and synchronised in design and aesthetics, to remind both of you of your special day. As you wear the ring presented by your lover, feel the compassion and love that they bestow upon you, every single day of your life. You may be aware that a promise ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, exactly where an engagement ring is worn. Choose one for your partner, keeping this in mind and bless your partner with the ultimate gift of love.


Promise ring for men


By design, a promise ring tends to be simpler than an engagement ring. It marks the start of a journey, which every couple wishes to make a beautiful one, through their love and efforts. Let your man know how special he is in your life and what he means to you by gifting him a promise ring from our collection of specially curated promise rings for men.


Choose the perfect symbol of love with a promise ring that expresses your style and love. Choose Make vana!