Vintage Wall Clocks

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How to choose a wall clock

The right wall clock is going to complement your interior design and aesthetic, while also being functional and making a statement. It can really be the finishing touch to creating a beautiful space.

When choosing your wall clock think whether you prefer beauty over functionality, functionality over beauty, or if both are equal essentials. Most importantly: consider your house theme. Perhaps a vintage style wall clock would be the perfect addition to a rustic home, or a stainless steel clock for a minimalist, contemporary one.There are so many options you can choose from to fit so many aesthetics. You have vintage, minimalist, modern, rustic, and designer.

Consider also where your clock will be. Kitchen, living room, office, or bedroom—each location will make a difference. If it’s in a room you’ll be sitting down a lot in, consider a mantel or table clock to keep at eye level. If you’ll be walking around or passing through—say, in your living room—a large wall clock may be a better option. If you want to keep your clock on the back porch, opt for an outdoor wall clock so that it survives the weather, no matter rain, hail, or shine.

If you see a wall clock you just have to have, take a little time to think before you buy. Ask yourself if the clock will complement your home’s theme and colour scheme, and if it’s the right size to hang up on your walls. Too small, and it can be difficult to read and look out of place. Too big, and your clock will overshadow the rest of your room and furniture. Think of your wall clock as the cherry on top of your interior design. Make sure it fits in with your overall colour, theme, and creative vision.


Vintage wall clocks

Looking for some old-world charm and sophistication for your home? Look no further than our vintage wall clocks for sale. Whether you’re after French elegance or the rustic London look, you won’t have to look any further than our vintage style wall clocks. Our vintage clock online collection is guaranteed to bring your home just the beauty you’re looking for.

Vintage table clocks

Our vintage table clocks are the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. If you’re looking for something simple, yet eye-catching, look no further. We also have vintage alarm clocks, which look beautiful in a themed bedroom. If you’re going for the minimalist aesthetic but still love a vintage touch here and there, our clocks are going to be just perfect—understated, yet still making a statement.

Outdoor wall clocks

Our outdoor wall clocks will bring a pop of creativity to your backyard. Whether you like a sprawling garden or a neat lawn, we’ll have the perfect outdoor wall clock for you. We have vintage style wall clocks, general electric 1950s clocks, and clocks with a clean, modern look. Our outdoor wall clocks are weather and waterproof, ensuring that its beauty will stand the test of time.

Wooden wall clocks

Our wooden wall clocks are perfect for creating charm and a cosy atmosphere to your house. We have vintage mantel clocks and vintage electric wall clocks, with hints of gold to create an air of luxury. Our wooden wall clocks would perfectly complement a cream or light-coloured room and furniture, and will no doubt draw the attention of your visitors the minute they step into your home.

Stainless steel wall clocks

Our stainless steel wall clocks are sleek and smooth, and are perfect for a minimalist home. Our stainless steel wall clocks are modern and no-nonsense, but still, carry a classic beauty. If you love modern design in your home, this may be just the addition you’re looking for. They are trendy, functional and oh-so-contemporary—a must for anyone who loves clean design

Modern wall clocks

If you love the beauty of minimalism, our modern wall clocks may be just what you’re after. Our modern wall clocks are sleek and trendy, and draw attention in just the right places. We have clean, contemporary design, as well vintage style wall clock favourites. Whatever your modern preference is—our modern wall clocks will be sure to bring charm and personality to your home.

Designer wall and table clocks

Our designer wall and table clocks are just what you need if you want to make a statement. Whether a vintage mantel clock or a vintage electric clock, our designer wall and table clocks are guaranteed to stand out in your home. Your style will be accentuated with unique, beautiful design. Designer is all about individuality, so no matter whether your home aesthetic is contemporary, vintage, or minimalist—you’ll be sure to find the perfect clock for you.