About US

Tradition meets freedom is the essence of Make Vana. We love the beauty and intricacy of handicrafts, knowing that we can trace what we wear back to tradition, back to generations of makers. Our designers curate clothing, jewellery, homewares, and craft from around the world so that you can enjoy a global aesthetic from the comfort of your home.

Our inspiration comes from handmade textiles and jewellery, and from the slow, quiet moments of life: taking the time to look at a little light on the water, a small moment of afternoon meditation.

At Make Vana, we look for beauty in everything. We are a brand for dreamers, for the curious among us, for the soul-searchers seeking the magic in whatever journey life takes them on.

* * * Selling on Make Vana

At Make Vana, we’re always searching for uniqueness. Are you an artisan, seller, maker, or creator—or even an importer—who shares our values and appreciation for the handmade?

If yes—why not sell with us?

We are a brand that brings a clientele looking for something different, for something unexpected, but always something that celebrates individuality.

Why join?

— We are an independent marketplace, who will always cater to your needs as a seller. — We curate the best of the best. Your work will be part of a beautiful, handpicked gallery. — We will ensure your discoverability: digital marketing, email campaigns, you name it. — No monthly fees, listing fees, or set-up fee

How it works:

— As a seller, you’ll list your products on your Make Vana store through a self-managed system—with our support team always on call, if you need — We advertise your products to our ever-growing customer base — Orders are checked-out and paid for through Make Vana — We notify you with each purchase made — You send your products direct to the customer — We pay you! To become a seller, please: Create an Account

— Design, create or import high-quality and unique products

— Have a curation of styled images ready to go, to accompany your products

— Be passionate about your, our business, and our values regarding customer service.

For more information and any inquiries please contact us at support@makevana.com.au, or by phone on 042 061 4567

Make Vana

PO Box 379 Waterford West -

 QLD,   4133  Australia.