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Guide: How to choose bridal jewellery


So, your special day is coming up. First off, congratulations! Secondly: what are your bridal accessories going to look like?

The perfect wedding jewellery should make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and just perfect for your big day. The right bridal accessories will make your dress, hair, and makeup stand out—whether you prefer to go minimal, or big and loud. Your style is totally unique, and your accessories should reflect that.

The basics you’ll need are your bridal jewellery bracelets, bridal necklace, and bridal jewellery earrings. It helps to choose these pieces based on your dress and colour scheme. Styling the right pieces for you all depends on the bigger picture. Think about the wedding styles you love and are inspired by. It can help to flip through magazines and even search Pinterest mood boards for that extra bit of inspiration. High-end designer jewellery for weddings don’t come cheap—but there are always affordable prices out there. When looking for affordable jewellery and accessories, it’s important to always make sure that quality is guaranteed. The last thing you want is something breaking as you make your big entrance.

So, where can you begin?

Bridal Jewellery Bracelets 

Precious stones like diamonds and rubies might be perfect for a big, extravagant wedding. Or minimalist designer jewellery might better suit your taste. But make sure you don’t let your bracelets steal the show from your ring (unless you want them to)!

Bridal Jewellery Earrings 

Consider whether you want your hair to be done up or down. If up, you can go with sparkling, statement earrings. Dangling earrings are a great choice too, as there’s no chance of them getting tangled in your hair. If your hair is going to be down, simple diamond, or silver or gold studs will look great. 

Bridal Necklaces

This might depend on whether your dress is going to be the high or low neck. With a high-neck, you can go with a bolder pendant matching your bracelets or earrings. If you’ve decided on a low-neck dress, something minimal may suit so you don’t distract from the neckline. 

 Vintage Bridal Jewellery 

The vintage jewellery looks great with a classic lace or satin dress. Even better if your dress is vintage itself! This can a unique charm to your day and is perfectly paired with vintage-inspired makeup too. 

Latest Bridal Jewellery Designs 

If on-trend is the look you’re going for, the latest jewellery designs might appeal to you. This look is guaranteed to be totally Instagrammable. You can search Pinterest again to look for the latest trends, to find something that suits your dress best.

Bridal Jewellery Trends

Bridal jewellery trends change every season. Keep that in mind if you’re planning your wedding a year or two ahead. Pinterest, Instagram, and good old-fashioned wedding magazines will help you keep up with what’s on trend, and what future trends will be.


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