Candle Holders

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Handmade Tea Light  Candle Holders

Handmade Tea Light Candle Holders

VINTAGE MOSAIC ILLUMINATED CANDLE HOLDERS ( Multicolor mix Designs) Place this elegantly designed and beautiful mosaic patterned candle holder in a corner for the added shimmer and glow of a...

Candle Holders- Tea Light & glass candle holders

Dress up any old candle with one of the unique candle holders from Make Vana. Choose from inexpensive options like tea light candle holders and more sophisticated items like handcrafted mosaic glass candle holders and on wall candle holders for that medieval feel.

Our range is made from versatile materials that will suit any occasion, whether you want the burnished look of copper candle holders for a romantic evening or gold candle holders for that opulent touch to a glamorous tea party. So if you are looking for metal candle holders, MakeVana offers a wonderful selection of sizes and styles.

Are you looking for intricately-crafted wall candle holders that give an alluring and mysterious atmosphere to a room or a handful of tealight candle holders with little flickering candles that give a warm glow to your party guests’ faces? What about extravagant candle holders with crystals that shimmer or delicate glass candle holders that mirror and reflect the light in different colours and shapes? You will find all of these choices and much more at Make Vana.

We also have holders in a variety of sizes to accommodate the smallest of candles and lights to the largest, with our tall candle holders. If you want a particularly durable option, why not pick up one of our silver candle holders which are made from strong metal that is resistant to tarnishing, corrosion or rust.

For an elegant statement piece, choose one of Make Vana’s hanging candle holders or one of our wooden candle holders for that welcoming, rustic and homey feel. Whatever your style, you will find a candle holder to suit at Make Vana.