Titanium Bracelets

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Titanium Bracelets


Titanium has grown quite popular among people because of the several benefits it offers. Jewellery made of titanium is exquisite and come in contemporary designs. Jewellery makes use cutting-edge technology and ultra-modern machines to cut and mould the metal into jewellery design you can find in jewellery stores. Besides being attractive, titanium bracelets offer several other benefits, which makes them highly popular among jewellery lovers.

Titanium is a highly durable metal and is three times stronger than stainless steel. Hence, you do not have to worry about wear and tear due to daily use. The metal is also resistant to scratches and corrosion, which is a common problem with gold. Furthermore, titanium never loses its sheen like pure copper bracelets 

The style and ease titanium offers is another major factor that contributes to its popularity. Titanium can be cut and design as per custom orders.

Also, you need not worry about rashes and skin allergies as titanium is suitable for all skin types. Besides all of this, titanium is quite affordable.

At Make Vana Jewellery Shop you will find the best Titanium bracelets. You can find dual tone chunky titanium bracelets on our portal align with our best selling Sterling  silver bracelets . If you want something sleeker for an evening event, you can choose our customisable black Titanium bracelet!