3D Handmade Panda Pop Up Greeting Card

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3D Handmade Panda Pop Up Greeting  Card

Handmade Laser Cut 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

If you are looking for a fun quirky card, this 3d  handmade card, Panda popup 3 d card will do the job for you. There are two Panda models in a field of grass and they both look really adorable. The complete Panda set pops out as soon as you open the card and it is bound to take the receiver by surprise. The card is perfect for those who love Pandas. Size: 13x15cms

- Comes with a cute Panda cartoon on the front to make the card look crazier

- Has a red glitter coat on both sides of the card cover which makes the card shiny


High Quality laser Art Paper. 

Blank card, personalise with your own words.

 Measurements: Size: 14 x 16 cm