3D Pop Up Handmade Cupid Heart Greeting Card

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3D Pop Up Handmade Cupid Heart Greeting Card

Handmade Laser Cut 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

If you are looking for a beautiful card for your loved ones on their birthdays or especially something like Valentine's day or your anniversary, this has to be the best option. The three concurrent hearts and the two cupids with their arches are made with so much detail that you will be astonished to see them once you open the card.

- Art work on the back of the card is beautifully made which depicts cupid joining two hearts and creating a big heart in the process

- Design of the card is subtle yet strikes a chord with people who like fancy cards


High Quality laser Art Paper. 

Blank card, personalise with your own words.

Measurements: Size: 15 x 20 cm