3D Pop Up Handmade Rose Love Card Greeting Red

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3D Pop Up Handmade Rose Love Card -Red

Handmade Laser Cut 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

If you are looking for a perfect Valentine's day greeting card, this has to be it. Rose is the ultimate symbol of love and the flower is all over the card in different shapes and dimensions. It is even better if your partner loves rose, they will find the card to be adorable and beautiful.

- Shape of a small rose is embossed on the front cover of the card which gives it a royal look

- 3D model popup of the rose looks spectacular in the middle of the card

- Each petal of the flower looks almost real and makes the overall card look beautiful too 


High Quality laser Art Paper. 

Blank card, personalise with your own words. 


Size: 15 x 20 cm