Coffee Bar wooden Doll House with Furniture

Coffee Bar wooden Doll House with Furniture

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Coffee Bar woodden Doll House with Furniture. This selection of unique tin dollhouses are the perfect way to keep the kids entertained. Their portable nature and intricate designs are sure to keep the kids occupied for hours on end. The dollhouse has been expertly crafted using a combination of wood, fabric, paper, resin, plastic, and metal.

The picturesque scenes depict small white bunnies going about their business in the forest setting.The dollhouse needs no assembly and has a finished size of 14.3 x8.4x2.6cm.

This miniature dollhouse is the perfect gift for children of all ages.

Perfect for Gift on Birthday , Christmas on any other occasion.

Model : AXD-518

DIY Dollhouse.
It is NOT a pre-assembled dollhouse. You need to assemble by yourself. Creating one of these DIY dollhouse projects with your kids adds a special sentimental feeling.

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