Handmade 3D Pop UP Spiderman Greeting Card

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Handmade 3D Pop UP Spiderman Greeting Card

Handmade Laser Cut 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

Laser Cut Handmade  3D Pop UP Spiderman Greeting Card : Nothing beats an impressive greeting card and that too, when it created with a unique 3D laser cut pop up design. This vintage hand made greeting card is perfect for children who wish to send wishes to their friends. The pop up art depicts the hero spider man and several buildings. Plenty of space to write your messages.

  • The handmade card gives a personal touch to the receiver
  • Depicts the hero spiderman at the centre
  • A 3D Spider-Man pops up as you unfold the card
  • Makes the perfect gift option 

High Quality laser Art Paper. 

Blank card, personalise with your own words.

 Measurements: Size: 15 x 15 cm