LED Projection Alarm Clock


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Multifunctional LED Digital Projection Alarm Clock 

Main Features: 

1.Display Time, Date, Day, Temperature ,Projection.
2.Alarm and sleeping function, after 1-60 minute alarm 2 time 
3.Support 12-hour and 24-hour format, temperature covert between Celsius and Fahrenheit
4. Five  alarm songs, at the same time activate the function of sleeping 
5.Ideal for the bedroom, office, kitchen, hall, etc

Size : 10cm x 8cm x 8cm

LED Projection Digital Night Alarm Clock 

1.VOICE TALKING FUNCTION: This feature allows you to be told the time while you are getting ready so you don't have to stop and check the time yourself.

2.BEST SNOOZE: In the morning you can have a 10 minute snooze to get that extra rest time but still making sure you get where you need to be on time.

3.FIVE MEMORABLE MELODIES/PROJECTION FEATURE: Projects the accurate time for up to 10 seconds with a projecting angle 90 degree adjustable. In order for you to wake up every morning you can select from five different tones that will make the morning easier.

4.CHIME TIME KEEPING - With a dual CHIME Function you're able to stay focused on the task at hand, you will know what the hour is simply by listening to the sound: CHIME1--Every Hour; CHIME2--Only From 7AM-9PM. Can be turned off during night hours.

5.TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: In order to ensure you are ready to head out the door you can check the time and the temperature so you are ready for your day to begin. 
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