Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet for Men

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet for Men

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Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet for Men

This is a beautiful bracelet, with pure copper links and magnets., perfect for double therapy - copper and magnetic. Our stylish pure copper bracelet combines the healing power of both copper and magnetism, with magnets placed strategically through the inside. Copper possesses anti-oxidant properties and has an anti-inflammatory effect and copper bracelets are frequently used for muscle pain, joint pain, and arthritis. : Multiple magnets on the bracelet, with magnets spaced around the wrist. This enables effective magnetic coverage and therapy. 

Measurements :

Length : 21.5cm/8.45"( adjustable )

Width : 13mm

Material : Copper

Features : This high Quality Copper bracelet with strong Magnets along with size adjustment tool is packed in  elegantly designed and sturdy gift box .