Ring Sizer- USA Size 1 to 17

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Ring  Sizer- Gauge Multisizer USA Size 1 to 17

Not sure of your ring Size!!

ORDER OUR PLASTIC RING SIZER GAUGES; Measures for international US ring sizes (1 - 17)


100% refund of  $4.90 when you buy a ring from us within one week.

Find out your perfect  Ring size

If you are having trouble finding out the perfect US Ring Size for you, why not try this easy-to-use USA ring sizer so you will always know your current  US ring size. This ring sizer is great to have on hand both to adjust your sizing as you age or as your body changes but is also helpful when buying jewellery for others. All you need to do to use this ring sizer is to slip it on your prefered finger and slide the clasp until comfortable. Check your size as marked on the sizer and order your ring.

It is important to note that when using the sizer, make sure your finger is not bulging on either side as this will be too small. Our finger size fluctuates as temperatures change throughout the day which is why it is recommended that you measure your finger during normal temperatures at the end of the day to get a more accurate measurement.