Stainless Steel Black Magnetic Bracelet for Mens

Stainless Steel Black Green Magnetic Bracelet for Mens

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Stainless Steel Black Magnetic Bracelet for Mens

Our uniquely patterned magnetic linked bracelet for Mens has a striking cross pattern , creating a different design from most on the market, complete with magnetised, far infrared, germanium and negatively ionised plates. This stylishly designed magnetic therapy bracelet has magnetic inserts on the inner to bring health benefits to the wearer,reported benefits of magnetic bracelets includes Improved blood circulation, and also helpful in certain conditions, such as arthritis and insomnia. However you should not go for magnetic therapy if you are on a pacemaker, or have an insulin pump attached to your body . We also send one tool for adjusting length of this bracelet. This layered stainless steel Adjustable Link Bracelet makes a powerful statement while also having the benefits of negative ions, magnetic, germanium and far infrared inner plates.

Metal : Stainless Steel

Measurements :

Length :  23cm (Adjustable with Free tool with this bracelet)

Width : 12mm

Color : Black 

Features : Size adjustment tool is also send for easy removal of links to suit different wrist size.