WI-FI Beer Cap Metal Tin Sign Poster

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WI-FI Beer Cap Metal Tin Sign Poster will adorn the look and feel of your wall. This versatile and durable tin sign, metal wall poster can be stuck in any corner of your room, office, shop, shed, garage or store and it will look just as great. Imported Iron. Fashion & Retro Quality Tinned Skin. Four pre-drilled holes for hanging or you may use double-sided tape.

WI-FI Beer Cap Metal Tin Sign Poster
Size: 35 CM 
Material: Tin / Metal

Metal Tin Signs Poster 
Perfect item for gifting 
Easily removable & reusable
Looks good on every décor
Stays just as it is for years
Our Store Make Vana has a huge range of 2,000 Plus styles of metal tin sign posters. Make Vana's Vintage & Retro wall metal tin posters can be used in offices, homes, staircase, kitchen, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, shed, and garages, etc