DIY Projects for Teens

If yo’re looking for some cool art and craft ideas or DIY projects for teens, you’re at the right place. We’ve come up with easy and exciting art and craft ideas for teens!

Craft ideas for teens

Recycled magazine boxes

This is a fun way to upcycle your old, unwanted magazines. If you have some spare boxes lying around that you want to spruce up, look no further than this great activity! All you need to do is tightly roll some colourful magazine pages, cut them to the height of your box, and paste them in place with clear craft glue for an instant, eye-catching makeover!


Nail tape art

nail tape art craft ideaThis is an easy, neat spin on your typical nail art. Pick up a few sheets of nail tape in your favourite colours, and simply cut the tape to your desired length and shape and stick them right on! To make sure the tape stays on, you can set it with a light coat of clear or glitter nail polish.


Homemade flower crowns

For teenagers who love flower crowns and tiaras, this is the DIY craft for you. You can make your own beautiful flower crown with a bunch of fake flowers easily found at any craft or  Make Vana store, and a pack of pipe cleaners. First, you’ll need to braid a few pipe cleaners together to make the crown’s base, and then weave in the flowers. Dark green pipe cleaners would give your crown a natural look, or you can go bold and choose bright yellows, pinks, and blues.


zentangle pattern idea craft project idea

Zentangles are a fun, relaxing way to get in touch with your creative side. If you love drawing, you’ll take to this activity like a duck to water. The Zentangle method is super easy to learn, and involves drawing in structured patterns to create one large, beautiful image.


Baseball bracelet

baseball braceletA cute and easy way to repurpose any old baseballs you have lying around! All you need to do is cut out the red threaded centre of a baseball, and then loop either end around your wrist with string.  This D.I.Y baseball bracelet adds a statement to any outfit!


Galaxy printed t-shirt

Galaxy printed t-shirt

Here’s a simple solution to creating your own galaxy-print t-shirt, minus the cost. A plain black shirt is going to work best here, as we’re going to create the galaxy effect by bleaching the colour out of your shirt. Take a spray bottle mixed with bleach and water, and spray in splotches over your shirt until you see the colour begin to lighten. Then, empty out your spray bottle and mix in galaxy-coloured acrylic paints — think white, purple, blue, and silver — and spray over the bleached areas. Take a sponge to mix in the colour a little bit, and then you can use a paintbrush to add in a few white dots for stars.

Customised textbook wraps

craft ideas for teensGive your textbooks a whole new look with these customised textbook wraps. You’ll want to find your favourite magazines that you don’t mind cutting up, and then cut out your favourite images. You can give each textbook it’s own theme or colour scheme — whatever lets your personality shine through best! Once you’ve chosen your images, arrange and glue them down to your textbook covers. Then, take some clear textbook wrap and wrap up your book as usual to seal the images down! You can also use gift wrapping paper, postcards, or even printouts of your favourite photographs


Spiky Shoes

spiky shoesWant to change up your sneakers ? Check out this super cool spiky shoes idea. Studs and spikes like these can be found from your local arts and craft shop, and you’ll want to get some adult supervision to hot glue-gun down the spikes to your shoes. Ta-da! A quick and easy revamp for a much-loved pair of shoes.


Confetti bowl

Confetti BowlA fun D.I.Y to add a pop of colour to your glass bowls. All you need to do is cover your bowl in clear craft glue, and sprinkle your confetti all over before it dries. All done — it’s that easy!


Final Thoughts

These are the top cool art and craft ideas and D.I.Y projects for teens that you can give a shot with the things you have already lying around at home! For more inspiration, check out some MakeVana handicrafts, and comment below if you’d like to see anymore D.I.Ys!