Easy-to-make craft ideas that can help you turn a hobby into a business.

Every skill can be turned into a lucrative business, and crafts make no exception. There are so many easy-to-learn and easy-to-make craft ideas out there that are sure to turn a profit.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Why not try making wooden pallet plaque? All you need to do is arrange the pallets into a frame, and add what ever kinds of decorations you like depending on if you want a retro, kitschy, or minimalist feels. Making rope bowls is also a great craft to learn, and all you need is some good, sturdy rope and glue. These look great in a kitchen as a fruit bowl, or in the bedroom or bathroom for keeping bits and pieces. Another easy one is a no-sew pillow cover, which can be personalised any which way you want.


Do it yourself craft ideas to make money

Easy crafts to make and sell for profit

candle covers

There are so many do-it-yourself craft ideas out there that you can turn into profit. Mini wood pallet coasters are easy to make and super on-trend at the moment, and all you need to make them is some glue, craft sticks, and coloured tape!

Another simple DIY craft idea for your business is fairy light mason jars. You can paint patterns around the mason jar, or fill it with clear crystals, so that the LED light you place inside throws prisms of light around the room or backyard.

If you want to get more hands-on with your craft, making personalised pouches and pencil cases might be the way to go. All you’d need is patterned fabric, zippers glue!

Bath bombs are also a great idea, and becoming more and more popular on the market. They seem more difficult to make than they are, but really all it takes to make them is baking power, food colouring, and bath salts. You can make these in any shape, size, scent, or colour you want


Craft ideas that sell well

If you really want to head the game, check out these best-selling craft ideas!

There is a huge demand for no-sewn handbags these days, as they are so simple and sturdy that they’re perfect for any occasion. A sunglasses bag would also pair perfectly here, and all you’d need to make them is some thread and fabric.

Coasters are a hugely popular handcraft to, and can be decorated in so many ways. You can use the ends of coloured pencils, magazine clippings, and stamps to bring your own twist to a simple design.

A great handmade gift to sell is bookmarks! These are so versatile, and you can add quotes or images, or a ribbon or bell at the end.

Keychains are also a hot seller. You can add almost anything to a keychain, making it decorative by adding a charm, or practical party decorationby adding a small flash light or bottle opener


Easy craft projects


Many easy craft projects have in time become money-makers. The key is experimenting to see which suits your skills best, and which brings you the most profit.

If you’re new to the crafts game, one of the easiest DIYs out there is holders — whether for stationery, keys, coins, or household bits and bobs. These can be of any size, and made out of any material. A tip though is to give your holder a wooden base, so that its sturdy and long-lasting. A lace bowl is great for holding lighter items — say jewellery or money.

If you’re good with woodwork, an easy craft for you may be inscribing personalised messages or designs on wooden chopping boards. This adds a personalised touch to your work.

Candles are also an easy and successful seller. Think of some unique scents you want to create, and then get started with some mason jars, wax, and a wick. With the right scents, your customised candles are sure to be a hit with your customers!


Easy craft ideas for home décor

There are several easy craft supplies ideas for home décor that are sure to impress your customers.

An easy and trendy decoration tip is a spruced-up version of a vase of flowers: take a mason jar and place it on a wooden pallet, and add artificial flowers for a longer lasting effect. You can even paint the wooden pallet to match a home’s colour scheme.

Wall art is also sure to impress your customers — especially if they can get excellent quality at an excellent price. Check out our wall art post on some ideas you could make to sell!

Marbled mugs are also a hot homewares item these days. All you need is nail polish, plain white mugs, and a little bit of patience to get your technique right! Marbled everything is in, so these will be sure to draw the attention of your customers!

Hot craft ideas to sell


One of the number one selling products are mobile phone covers. You can take any plain old mobile phone case and get creative with some paints!

Mason jars have been on trend for a while now, and there are so many different ways they can be used — as containers, as decorations, terrariums, and even lighting fixtures.

Like the marbled mug, marbled dishes are very ‘in’ right now, and can even be sold as a set with your mugs.

 Miniature dollhousesFelt envelopes are another great gift idea if you want to get really crafty, and are fun and easy to personalise if you have custom orders. Fridge magnets are also fantastic for custom orders, and can be easily personalised too!


Final Say

Finding the right craft for you is the key to starting a profitable business. You can get creative while making money — and who doesn’t want that! So spend some time figuring out which is the best craft for you, and once you’ve mastered it and are looking for a platform to sell your creation, head over to Make Vana and open up a shop! To start making money for your crafts, sign up for a seller account today.