Home Improvement Ideas

Remodelling is no easy task, but planning ahead is the key to making your vision a reality. So here a some tips and ideas to help you get started:


Home improvement ideas for your kitchen

  • Stay green: LED lighting, green appliances, environmentally friendly faucets and double-paned windows are a must to stay eco-friendly. 
  • Maximising storage: Roll-out trays, a Lazy Susan, double pull-out shelves, and tiered racks are the key to decluttering your kitchen and keeping things organised. These tricks will also keep you from needing to install new shelves and cabinets!
  • Pull-out countertops: If you want more room to prepare your food, a pull-out countertop may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll gain a whole new prep space that can easily be tucked away once you’re done!

Home improvement ideas on a budget

Classic Car Vintage Metal Wall PosterIf you want to make your home beautiful while keeping an eye on your wallet, then check out these ideas:

  1. Halogen track lighting is a beautiful, environmentally-friendly alternative. The lights are classy and can add a vintage look when styled right, and are terrific for a bit of mood lighting in the corner of a room.
  2. Try out different wallpaper or retro metal posters. To keep the cost low, wallpaper just a single feature wall.
  3. Replace old  lights with energy-efficient LED lamps. This will save you when it comes to energy bills, and will add extra brightness to the rooms where you need it most.
  4. Smartly designed shelves, closets, and hidden storage are the ticket to an organised and beautiful home — and you won’t have to fork out the extra cash in renovations for storage space.
  5. Don’t forget to have your plumbing inspected often so that you can replace any leaking or worn-out fixtures.
  6. Try Vintage Wallclocks 

Home improvement ideas for small houses

Bathroom storage

Narrow wall shelves are a stylish storage solution for your bathroom essentials. Buying matching canisters for your bathroom counter, and small wicker baskets to keep on your shelves, are great for keeping your bathroom neat, tidy, and trendy.

Multipurpose space

A multipurpose room is fantastic for smaller houses. Creating a space with a desk, shelves, and a fold-out couch means that you can use a single room as a work space, a room for entertaining guests, and even a guest bedroom if needed.

Keep it light

A tip for making your house look more spacious is decorating rooms with light, airy colours. Try to avoid darker tones where you can, and keep white or light-coloured furniture instead.

Curtain divider

A simple, sheer curtain is fantastic for dividing up rooms if you’re stuck on space. A sheer, silk curtain panel can create a sense of elegance and mystique.

Beneath the staircase

You can add a shelving unit right below the stairs to take advantage of extra space. This is also a great place for a bookshelf!


Older house improvement ideas

Remodelling an older home requires a little more effort and planning, but we have a few simple ways you can brighten up the look of your house:

  1. A simple place to start is with the outside of your house. See if your windows or shutters need updating. This could mean a complete replacement, or just a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Older homes tend to have wooden windows, and sometimes all they need is a quick polish. If they need to be replaced, consider vinyl shutters for longer wear. Vinyl shutters also have more colour and style options than wooden shutters, and tend to be cheaper.
  3. Next, take a look and see if your floors need replacing. Sometimes, all a floor needs is a good professional polish to make it look good as new!
  4. A kitchen and bathroom remodel is often in need with older homes. These days, it’s easy to opt for a ready-made kitchen and bathroom, where everything is installed in one style, with all the necessary facilities good to go.

Final Thoughts

Once this is all done, it’ll be time to update your homewares to match your new decor — but that’s for another post!