A few personal touches can make all the difference in turning a house into a home. Although there are so many fantastic home D.I.Ys  out there, many of them can be time consuming, and not always wallet friendly. But no fear! We’ve found some of the best inexpensive craft ideas for your falls, which will be sure to revamp your home in a quick and easy afternoon.


Pencil wall art

This is a fun and easy one, and all you’ll need is a whole heap of coloured pencils, and a bit of double-sided tape! To start, choose your favourite colour scheme, or one that will complement your wall colour or house decor. You could go rainbow, monochrome, pastel, or tonal. The options are endless, and the results are beautiful!

Herringbone masking tape wall art

abstract paint with masking tape

We all have masking  tapes  at home tucked away in a drawer somewhere, and now it’s time to put it to some good (unconventional) use! Geometric design is super on-trend right now, and this herringbone wall art is sure to bring the perfect pop of colour to your home. First, find a good sized canvas and select your favourite colours. Paint splashes of colour all over the canvas, and as that dries you’ll want to cut up strips of masking tape at different lengths. Then, tape across your canvas following a geometric or herringbone pattern, and carefully paint over the masking tape in black or white. Voilà! Your very own abstract art piece!


Retro window frame

photo frame in old Window

If you have old window frames lying around by any chance — perfect! If not, pop down to your local hardware store and I’m sure there’ll be something that catches your eye. This wall craft is perfect for bringing a retro, cosy feel to your home. Depending on the frame you choose, this could be used to display photos, used as a shelf, or to hang knick knacks or small decorations. This is sure to bring an effortless, nostalgic vibe!

Heart of Strings

string heart idea

Perfect for your bedroom wall, or a cosy living room. All you need for this one is some nails, yarn, and a piece of wood. Be careful nailing in a heart shape into your board — you’ll want to make sure the nails only go in part way, so that you have plenty of space for your yarn. Once that’s done, take long piece of your yarn and start weaving a spider web across the nails, until only a little of the wood shows through. The perfect kitschy, crafty decoration you didn’t know your walls were missing til now.



Shoe box wall display

Shoes box decoration on wallGo check in your bedroom closet — you probably have a heap of old, unused shoeboxes lying around. Let’s put these to good use! Turning your shoeboxes into beautiful wall displays is a super simple, super striking way to brighten up your white walls, and are great for showcasing your lightweight items. All you need to do is choose a few bright, eye-catching colours, and use them to paint the inside of your shoebox. Take some white paint and paint the outer edges, and when that’s all dry use an adhesive and choose where you want to display them on your walls! You can hang these up in clusters if you have lots of space, but they look great in pairs or individually too.


Foil tape design

foil tape designsThese are perfect if you have light colored walls! Foil tapes allows you to create any kind of drawing outline you’d like with a sleek and stylish finish. There are plenty of designs out there online and on Pinterest boards if you’re stuck for ideas, and this is a really striking look for bedrooms — perfect for if you’re going for that minimalist theme.



Light art

All you need is a blank canvas or piece of wood, some string lights, nails and a bit of creativity. This technique is similar to the heart of strings wall art technique, except a little more free-flowing. The idea is to create a night sky constellation, so first you’ll want to hammer in a few nails into your board or canvas. Next, take your string lights and weave them in around your nails in up-and-down and criss cross patterns. This would give your bedroom some beautiful mood lighting for a cozy, quiet night in.


Honeycomb wall art

Honey comb wall art

With its geometric look, this honeycomb wall art is also super on-trend. What you’ll need is a pair of scissors, cardboard, some glue, and some wrapping paper. You can also use a favourite poster, or just coloured card! Glue your wrapping paper to a large piece of cardboard, then measure and cut out as many hexagonal shapes as you like. When you’re done, piece them back together like a puzzle on your wall! This will give your living room a fun, modern, and personalised touch.


Grass-textured walls

Grass textured walls are a subtle dash of creativity in your living spaces. If you’re thinking of repainting, consider a grass-textured feature wall — they’re super simple to do on our own. In fact, all you need is paint and a broom! Once you’ve painted your wall, before it dries, lightly take a broom first horizontally and then vertically. This is a great way to personalise your home without getting too out-there.


look much better than you would have imagined. What makes it innovative is that you can get the texture with just a broom that you use at your home on a daily basis. On looking at it, nobody would be able to access that you actually made it with a broom. It is a must-try for all those who want to try new and inexpensive craft ideas for your walls.

Final thoughts

There are all must-try inexpensive wall craft ideas, which are sure to brighten up any home. So go on, try them out or check our Wal Stickers and let us know what you think! And if you’re looking for a bit of retro, handmade inspiration, why not check out our home decor or Craft Supplies over at our MakeVana store?